Scottsdale Housing Market Boom!

Scottsdale Housing Market Boom

The Scottsdale Arizona Housing Market is better than ever, despite COVID-19. 

For Scottsdale Realtors®, Coronavirus has made things a bit more challenging. Despite initial uncertainty about how the virus would impact the area, after months of waiting things out, it’s clear that Scottsdale is experiencing minimal adverse effects. 

Scottsdale Housing Boom
People are moving to Scottsdale Arizona, and the inevitable result is an increase in home sales. One growing trend is that folks are moving from larger cities to rural and suburban settings. Tech giants like Facebook, Google, and many other large corporations now encourage remote work, pushing people away from expensive city centers to more ideal and preferred locations.

Scottsdale’s Amenities Are Attracting New Homebuyers
Scottsdale has always been a premium destination because it provides more than just a house for people who strive to live their best life. The unique desert landscape and other features give the area a distinctive appeal that attracts new residents.

Scottsdale Real Estate Agent, Brian “Bemo” Bemisdarfer, thinks people have many reasons to relocate Scottsdale, especially from the nation’s largest urban centers. The city of two hundred twenty thousand people earns its reputation for a high quality of life. Scottsdale offers what everyone would want – sunshine, heat, and plenty of things to do.

Quality of Living Is High in Scottsdale, Arizona
The presence of numerous top-rated hotels speaks well of the many attractions that dot the city’s landscape. People who enjoy hiking, cycling, and outdoor excursions remain fascinated by the desert scenery and the world’s most beautiful sunsets. Active people enjoy nearly year-round sunshine, access to world-class golf courses, and the area’s tranquil beauty. And with major attractions like the Waste Management Phoenix Open, Cactus League Spring Training, and Barrett Jackson, you will have plenty to keep you busy.

Scottsdale Realtor® Brian Bemo confirms that demand is causing a Scottsdale Housing Boom. “I’m confident the demand for Arizona real estate will grow, based on the solid fundamentals that drive the local real estate market.” He continues, “People across the country are transitioning to the new normal. People are assessing their situations and options and readjusting their priorities to improve their quality of life. As they research, Scottsdale comes up again and again as a top place to live.

Scottsdale has long been a leader for real estate investments. With greater demands for single-family homes, the inventory of new construction and existing homes for sale is likely to grow.
Land to build on in the area is rare, so when a new project goes on the market, buyers flock to purchase. As you might imagine, this keeps Scottsdale’s house values appreciating faster than most of the other cities in Maricopa County.

Scottsdale’s real estate market is diverse and includes enough properties to satisfy a new homeowner’s wants and needs. Selecting an experienced local realtor helps you find the best housing options that cater to your specific lifestyle. Working with a professional realtor who profoundly understands the market saves you time and hassle.

Remote Workers Are Contributing to the Scottsdale Housing Boom
With COVID-19 restrictions, many companies have become more agile to adapt to the new normal. For many, that meant working remotely from home. People who moved to tech hub cities primarily to go to work had a more challenging time justifying the cost to stay there – paying high rent in expensive zip codes no longer made sense.

Many people who relocated from big cities find affordable, spacious, and comfortable housing throughout Scottsdale. Not only that, but the outdoor experiences in Scottsdale are second to none. The breathtaking desert alone is enough to make you not want to leave.

With everything the area has to offer, it comes as no surprise a Scottsdale housing boom is underway. Year over year, it’s up 17.7%! That sizzling hot real estate market appears likely to continue and even accelerate, due to people from around the nation relocating. As more and more people from urban centers located on the coasts are searching for alternative places to call home, Scottsdale offers opportunities and affordability.

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